Custom Software - of any kind - for Long Island

Programs designed to your specifications. No program too large or too small. Whole applications, or small utilites. On the web & in the cloud, on your local office network, or a personal computer. We support OpenAI's Chat GPT for business use. We also work with databases, do data analysis, cloud computing, reports, and data engineering, as well as system work and websites.

Based on Long Island, New York, we support software and systems world wide

Who We Are

We have more than 32 years of experience in turning our clients´ business ideas into useful desktop and web applications that advance their productivity. Our concentration is on building whole applications, business intelligence solutions, and reports, but we enjoy working with any kind of software based problem solving. We have the skills to build solutions for practically any industry.

What we do:

We create your custom programs - and go on to keep them running and useful with a full range of skills and services.

Infrastructure that supports the software.



Rapid US-based phone support

Mobile Apps


We write all types of custom software - for the internet, local office networks or you personal computer.

For the web; complete applications or smaller utilities.

Applications or Websites

Any kind of program can now be made to work on the web: Inventory, billing, HR, manufacturing control, real estate, CRM, scheduling, custom reports, accounting, task automation, scientific, etc. We also make websites - that can advertise for you, present your firm to the world, or host data for your team or for your clients.

- or any of these on phones and tablets -

Bring your data and reports to mobile; Apple or Android.

Off the web, on your own computer or on your private office network: again we can make complete applications, keep older ones working or craft utilities to keep your computer systems working.

We support all operating systems but favor Microsoft and Linux.

We set up and maintain local servers and LAN's

For local programming: We use MS Access, C#, Python, DOS batch file scriting and Linux shells, as well as many other tools.

Outside of classic programming we also do data engineering, and report creation.

Have large amounts of data you need moved into another format? We do that. Need reports generated from saved information or dynamic streams of data? We do that too. We can write reports ourselves using most any modern language but also know standard tools such as Tableau and MS BI.

We also make or modify system control procedures for Linix or Windows servers

We write scripts for customizing administrative tasks or performing task automation. Need to automate the movement of email or data? We're here for you. Need forensic analysis of a hack? Analysis of your log files? We do that too.

We're masters of every aspect of computer use for business. Such as:

System Administration

Whatever needs doing with a computer system - we know. From installing a new system to mantaining old ones, or fighting a hacking intrusion, to recovering data. Linux and Windows server and network installations and tuning. Linux system admin. Shell scripting. Apache web server installs. Postfix Email systems installed. On the cloud or in your office.

Data and databases

Database servers: We've been programing with data for decades, and can guide you in the right choice of tools, in where to host, and down into the details as how to structure the tables. We know: MYSQL. MongoDB. Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server. MS Access. Flat text files. No cuneiform :>).

Software design (as we hope we've made clear above)

We've taken hundreds of projects from someone's idea to working reality. For decades we've been listening, then building. How much formality is needed depends on the complexity of the project. Sometimes we'll need multiple meetings and documentation, sometimes a phone call and a handshake are enough. We then show you the work, getting feedback, making changes when necessary and bringing it in on time. We'll stay in close touch and make sure you're happy with the result.

Dev Ops (development and operations)

To say it again another way: We don't just develop software, we keep it running and create the machines and networks to support it. We've built and installed hundreds of networks and servers and desktop computers - and routers and firewalls. We do cloud systems on Rackspace, AWS (Amazon) and Google. We are system administrators: on Linux or Windows machines we manage security, create and manage users and their privileges, make sure the backup systems are running and fight intrusions.

Data Analysis

We can produce reports from any data source. We can do this by writing code from scratch, or by using one of the many data analysis tools available, such as Microsoft's BI or Tableau.


Cloud computing for Long Island

We know every aspect of cloud computing. We can help you aquire the infrastructure, as well as use it, manage and maintain it.

General consulting

As you see, were not just programmers. We can help with most any aspect of the business use of computers. We can advise on what hardware to buy, or if it's more cost effective to "rent" in the cloud. We can help with security or comunications, marketing on line or the selection of technical staffing.


Our latest work:

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