Custom data analysis for Long Island

Data analysis is the work of examining, and cleaning, and sometimes transforming, computer data with the intent of finding useful information that can help in forming conclusions and aid in making decisions.

We’ve been working with data for 34 years, and can help you acquire it, clean it, move it, and use it.

We can assist you with working up the data requirements for your task. And we can then go on to assist you with collecting the data, as in, perhaps setting up a backend database to store the information, and a frontend – a data entry form - perhaps on the web or in your own office.

Cleaning data might sound odd to you, but we’ve often seen data polluted by a percentage of bad records. (and this can happen even in the systems we set up, depending on the quality of the data entry - though we're quite good in setting up systems that prevent most errors) This can make using it problematic. Finding these records – call them bad cells, as often most of the record - the other fields – are fine – can be tricky.

We can write SQL statements to find and repair or delete the issues. We can also write custom code to examine the table and find and delete or repair the problem.
You ( or we) can then go on to use the data.

Which takes us into reporting. And dynamic use of the data. And storage. And backups.
Which are the topics of other pages in this site -
But about reporting: We're good at it.
We've written hundreds or thousands of reports.
We can do it ourselves in most any modern computer language or we can use tools such as Microsoft's BI or Tableau.