Custom web applications for Long Island

We make complete programs running on the cloud, or on your private machines on the web

Large apps or small - doing anything you'd like, available to the world or just your team.

We can build your whole program to work on the web.

That is: your application can run on the internet in a web page.

You have a choice in how to host it; on one of your own private computers connected to the internet, or on a cloud server rented from Amazon (AWS), Google, Rackspace or Microsoft - or another of the many cloud providers.
We can both write the program and take care of setting up the hosting - no matter where or how.
In other words, any application – doing anything – be it accounting, CRM ( customer resource management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), billing, inventory, scientific, scheduling, logistics, mapping, games - can now be programmed “in a web page, and on a web site”.

Formally, this was possible only on a local computer or network.

This can be a single page program or one consisting of scores of pages and reports. It can be “flat” or can have a menu with a multitude of nested choices.

We can guide you in how best to design the “front end”, as we’ve made hundreds of applications. It can allow for data entry and analysis or only reporting. It can be available to the world or to only a select few in your firm.