Custom utility software programming for Long Island

We make custom small programs and utilities running on the cloud, or on your local network, or on your personal computer

Small apps - doing anything you'd like, anywhere you need.

Let’s call a “utility” either a very small project or software designed to keep a computer system up and running. A project is something bigger.

For example:

We’ve written smaller projects such as a web based heating degree day calculator; this took a zip code entered by a user and came back with the amount of cooling or heating needed at that location by month.

We’ve also written “front ends” for reports, such as prompting a user on a web page for the start and end date for a report; we’ve then written code that sends the dates to an SQL query and returns all client activity between these two dates onto a web page.

And because we know databases as well as how to code we can write front ends and pull data from MYSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or MongoDB. Or any other data source you need.

Of course in this case the data had been pulled from an older and local system, and then automatically moved up to a web data base server via CSV and then FTP and then a Python script. So this small utility was a distinct part of a larger system – but none of it large enough to be called an application.

At some point things get so small as to fall of the edge of “project” and into the category of utility.

For example: you’ve got data sitting in a CSV file and it has to get moved to a web server-

We'll write a script to automate the FTP process.

Or that CSV file is now sitting on the web server – but has to be moved into a database; we'll write a Python script to parse it and append it to a table - and call it a “utility”.

Any repeating task or process can be automated. And it can be timed to happen when you'd like.

Perhaps you'd like to backup some files? I mean really back them up - as in get them off the web server and into a hard drive on your desk?
Or off your desk and into a hard drive on your web machine? We can write code to make it happen - and schedule it to happen when you'd like.