Custom system software for Long Island

We keep the systems going. As in operating systems: the software that keeps the machines going so your other software can keep the company going.

We know operating systems both local ( your computer - the one you’re on now), networked ( perhaps your office has a local network of many computers) and on the web ( we know both the Linux systems that run most web servers and we know the web server software itself - such as Apache and Nginx)

This means we can set it all up for you – and fix it for you when (not if) it breaks.

We’ve built hundreds of computers - many from scratch. Literally – we’ve put in the hard drives and the old network cards and RAM and power supplies and motherboards.
We’ve built hundreds of local office networks (LAN’s) and wired them together.

We’ve installed hundreds of server and local operating systems - both Windows and Linux. We’ve set up scores of web servers – both in front of us and in the cloud.

We’ve connected them to each other and the web.
We’ve set up software on these systems -
Software we’ve written or written by others –
And we’ve made this all work to the benefit of our customers.

We've set up countless cloud servers, and created groups of them supporting large and complex applications and software systems.

We know the software protocols of the internet, such as IP and DNS.

Let us help you.
Need to update server software? We can do it safely.

Need to fight an intrusion or diagnose a hacking? We’ve studied computer forensics.

Need to set up mail or change DNS settings? We’ve done it all before..

Need to secure your systems? We've setup Cisco custom built firewalls.

We know our way around the DOS and Linux command lines.