Custom applications for Long Island

We make complete programs running on the cloud, or on your local network, or on your personal computer

Large apps or small - doing anything you'd like, anywhere you need.

We can program most any kind of application: be it accounting, CRM ( customer resource management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), billing, inventory, scientific, scheduling, logistics, mapping, games -
This can be a single page program or one consisting of scores of pages and reports.

It can be “flat” or can have a menu with a multitude of nested choices.

We can guide you in how best to design the “front end”, as we’ve made hundreds of applications. It can allow for data entry and analysis or only reporting. It can be available to the world or to only a select few in your firm.

You'd expect us to be able to make it work on local computers or an office LAN, as we've been programming for decades, but we can now also build your whole program to work on the web. That is: your application can run on the internet in a web page or series of pages.

Formally, this was possible only on a local computer or network.

We can help guide you along the process of designing the program and the computer systems needed to run and maintain it all.

Why use our custom software?

Of course so as to get things working exactly as you'd like. And we make it easy to learn and simple to use. And for security; we don't send back "telemetry" to our servers as do some publishers (Microsoft for example). You control exactly what will happen to your *all* your data.