Custom local network software programming for Long Island

We make custom programs and utilities running on your local network, or on your personal computer

Large and small apps and utilities- doing anything you'd like, on your local office network or personal computer

We write for the older environments too. And help keep the older programs going.

If you have a network of computers in your office or home, and want custom software to run on it, allowing perhaps multiple people to do data entry or reporting at the same time –

or perhaps you have data in excel sheets but want a more efficent structure for data entry and reporting - such as a database system -

We’ve been doing that for decades, so you’ve come the right place :>)

We can write new software on your local systems for any need you have.

And we can keep your old sotware running, or fix it if it broke, and we can migrate it to a new environment or re-write it into a new incarnation that can run on the web, if you’d like.

We know MS Access and Excel, and we know C#, and we know dBase, Clipper, and Foxpro, and we know VB6. And many other languages and systems for office networks or LAN’s (local area networks) as they are often called.

We can also repair or replace any local network system you have. We know the routers, switches and firewalls that local networks are made up of, and we know the operating systems for desktop computers and servers.